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  1. This publication provides important facts on the operations of the Antigua and Barbuda Social Security Board with the aim of building awareness among all stakeholders on Social Security related issues. In this issue, the Deputy Director discusses the evolution of Social Security – Antigua and Barbuda amidst the need for continuous parametric reform measures. In addition, information on reform changes, freedom of movement, partnerships, hurricane relief efforts and staff retirement and training are included. "

    Published on June 06, 2019


  2. Antigua-Barbuda Social Security began operations in April 1973. All employed and self-employed persons are covered for two main types of social security benefits – short-term benefits and long-term benefits or pensions. Employment injury benefits are currently not offered. The system is financed by contributions which are levied on employment earnings up to an earnings ceiling and are paid by employers, employees and self-employed persons. Surplus funds are invested locally in various types of securities and properties.

    Published on September 14, 2014


  3. This is the report of the 9th Actuarial Review of the Social Security Fund and it is being conducted as of December 31, 2009. Section 18 of The Social Security Act requires that such reviews be conducted at three year intervals.

    Published on March 18, 2015


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